Nelly Prado, the founder and President of Aurora Marble & Tile, grew up in the stone business in Peru. Her grandfather was a mining engineer whose family owned (and still owns) a travertine and slate mine in the south of Peru; he financed her American education when he sent her to Reno, NV as an exchange student to study business. Although her passion was fashion (she had always wanted to attend fashion design school), she followed her grandfather’s wishes of starting a natural stone import business. Together they created a vision- to build a world-class natural stone business in Reno, Nevada.

Because rocks were in her blood and because she enjoyed colors and textures, it was easy for Nelly to fashion such a top-tier business. When travertine, marble, and granite samples began arriving from around the world, Nelly was able to easily get her first few jobs- casinos in the Reno/Tahoe area, including the El Dorado, John Ascuaga’s Nugget, Ceasar’s in Tahoe, and then Squaw Valley. Presently, in Las Vegas, Aurora Marble & Tile is supplying materials to The Mandalay Bay Casino, The Mirage Casino, The Luxor Casino, The Bellagio, Monte Carlo, Hard Rock Casino and many other prominent casinos in the area and around the world; as well as many high-end residential homes.

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Nelly opened the first Aurora Marble & Tile showroom with just two employees, one of whom, Harold, stayed with the company for eleven years before retiring; And David C. that has worked with Nelly for almost 20 years.  Their first showroom was just 300 square feet; their first container of natural stone came from Greece.

Since that time, Aurora Marble & Tile has moved four times. After 6 months, the company found a larger facility of 1,500 square feet; after 2 years, the company moved again to a location with 5,000 square feet. A short while later, another relocation became imminent and the company found a 10,000 square foot facility. Finally in 1998, Aurora Marble & tile moved to a location with 15,000 square feet. Since then Aurora Marble has become one of the favorite stone suppliers of Northern Nevada, California and worldwide.

Now importing from over 20 countries worldwide and with over 300 types of natural stone slabs in stock, Aurora Marble & Tile provides one of the most compete collections of natural stone in the United States, including granite, marble, slate, quartzite, limestone, onyx, soapstone, and sandstone slabs. With over 120 vendors who provide hand-made tile, recycled glass, mural mosaics, ceramic and porcelain tile, as well as slate and even tumbled marble and onyx tiles, the selection is endless. The showroom was nominated three times by the Reno Gazette Journal as the Best Showroom, winning accolades as the “Most Fashionable” showroom, even above San Francisco showrooms.

Nelly believes that the success of the company was made possible by the city of Reno because its people support local talent. Additionally, by hiring the best, most talented people, the company was able to grow as rapidly.  We are thankful to all our friends who are design professionals and architects in both the Reno and Las Vegas area for having chosen Aurora Marble for all their tile and stone needs. Finally, Nelly also credits her husband, Tom McCann, as being her biggest supporter; without him by her side, she says that the company would not be what it is today.

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